Many wrongly believe that a lawyer is merely a defender of its client’s reasons, we strongly believe instead that the advocate is first of all a professional who is always capable to achieve a favorable deal; he’s moreover an advisor in supporting companies in their strategic and decision-making processes.

ADR LEGAL B&T Slp works setting itself the objective to make its clients and the lawyers discover the benefits of the alternative justice, lobbying activity and the public affairs.

Further Knowledges

Step 01/06

How do the lawsuits start

To make the concept clearer we're going to show you a scene from the movie "A Civil Action"

Step 02/06

Going deeper

What appears to be superficial for a client, for a lawyer it is not. The lawyer's duty is to increase knowledge, go deeper in his client's everyday life, asking useful information as to be able to find out the social cause of the dispute.

Step 03/06

Justice Uncertainty

The ordinary justice is unpredictable. The only way to avoid the "Gambling" is to come to an agreement.

Step 04/06

Agreement purpose

It's duty of the lawyer to force the negotiation of the concerned parties.

Step 05/06

A way out of the trial

A good lawyer must seek the agreement. He must definitely try not to get to a judgment.

Step 06/06

Significant decisions

A good lawyer never tries to reach the truth in trial, because the truth most of the time hides in a bottomless pit.

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