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Many believe, erroneously, that the job of a lawyer consists solely in defending his/her clients account. We believe, on the other hand, that a lawyer must be, above all, a professional always able to facilitate a favourable agreement in any case, as well as a consultant to support entrepreneurs in the decision-making and strategic processes of companies.

ADR LEGAL B&T SLP aims to make its clients and lawyers aware of the benefits and opportunities that alternative justice, lobbying and public affairs may offer them.

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Lobbyists take ten minutes and three pages to make me understand a problem. My assistants need three days and a ton of paper (John F. Kennedy)

How lawsuits start

How do the lawsuits start

To best exemplify the concept, for educational purposes, we will show you a scene from the film “A Civil Action”.

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Dig deep

Going deeper

What might appear to be superficial to a client is not so to a lawyer. In fact, a lawyer’s role is to go into detail, digging deep into the life of his/her client, asking every thing that may be useful to find out the social cause of the conflict.

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Uncertainty in legal proceedings

Justice Uncertainty

Ordinary legal proceedings are unpredictable. The only way to avoid gambling is to reach an agreement.


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The goal of reaching an agreement

Agreement purpose

The job of a good lawyer is to oblige the parties to negotiate.

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Escape the proceedings

A way out of the trial

A good lawyer must seek agreement. The case must never get to sentencing.

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Important decisions

Significant decisions

A good lawyer never seeks the truth in a process, because the truth, most of the time, is inside a bottomless pit.

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SingularityAdrCoin is the first global Open Innovation ecosystem able to combine blockchain, artificial intelligence and alternative justice and create beauty, or SINGULARITY aimed at increasing confidence for the development of commercial exchanges and a tomorrow for the perfect allocation of resources and talents.

Canary Islands Business

The Canary Islands are the ideal place for investors and entrepreneurs looking for good business opportunities and wishing to operate in locations that are part of the European Union, characterised by political and economic stability.

In this regard, the Canaries offer good infrastructure, services, connections, an excellent tax regime and climate conditions.


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