Adr Legal B&T Slp can be considered one of the first professional Societies of lawyers, experts in lobbying & public affairs, in the world to have contributed to individuate and naming with the terms “Cryptoeconomics” and “Tokenomics” some social-economic behaviours spread on internet from 2009 until now, but never classified.

The terms “Cryptocurrency economics” or “Cryptonomics” refers to cryptocurrencies and currency-based ledgers economy.

Cryptonomics concentrates on the creation of cryptocurrencies, involved in directing the behaviour of customers, sellers, service providers and some other parts inside the network.

In addition to this, it tries to determinate the users’ behaviour, the coin price, the transactions’ volume and the provided services.

Drawing on economy and the theory of games, it helps the developers to choose the best “cryptocurrency system parameters” to generate the desired results.

The definition of Tokeconomics is similar, but wider. It comprehends everything that is written above but to cryptocurrencies it adds tokens (token-based ledgers), in addition to all the economic and tokens DLT (distributed ledger technology) studies. If, also, in the traditional economy microeconomy is concentrated on the economy inside a singular entity and the macroeconomy studies the interaction between multiple entities in a market, in the same way, in tokenomics:

  • Microtokenomics concentrates on forces from a single ledger system.
  • Macrotokenomics analyses the entire ecosystem of a DLT network, that depends on third-party aggregated actions, like exchanges, regulators, governance groups and commercial partners.

Like Bergs, Davidson and Potts at RMIT identified, on the internet, a wider category called “Institutional Cryptoeconomics”, that comprehends ledgers systems, their rules and the way in which other companies and societies interact between them, on the same way, Adr Legal B&T Slp introduced the concept of “Institutional Tokenomics” with which we mean the wider system of economic DLT interactions between all the token-based ledgers, organisations and societies and that differs from the traditional economy in the way that it is not based on predictive objectives, but on design goals.

For all these reasons, ADR LEGAL B&T Slp, with the help of its “Tokencomics lawyers”, provide to governments, to ONG, to companies, all the technical and legal support to produce a good or a DLT technology-based (in particular on blockchain) and that can be distributed through a determined token and acquire force inside the Cryptocurrency market, that in 2018 achieved a 350 billion dollars capitalisation.